Sugar Snap Pea, Mint & Barley Salad

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March 17, 2014 (Read the Full Recipe)

Ever wonder how to tell when spring will arrive? Well, best-selling author, Jacqueline Whitehart of 52 Recipes Blog has it figured out and offers up a tasty and refreshing salad, Sugar Snap Pea, Mint and Barley Salad, that practically screams, “Spring is here!” Join Susie T. of Fast Days Healing Days as she offers a few more hints about how to tell spring has arrived. Susie shares her review of Jacqueline’s gorgeous springtime salad. You won’t believe it’s a Fast Day (FD) recipe and you won’t feel like you’re dieting. It’s just that incredible.

 165 Calories of Springtime Bliss!


Photo by Jacqueline Whitehart from 52 Recipes Blog
Sugar Snap Pea, Mint and Barley Salad ushers in spring with this flavorful, deeply nutritious and delicious Fast Day (FD) recipe perfect for your intermittent fasting lifestyle.



Forget the groundhog! If you really want to know the signs signaling the eminent arrival of spring, simply look for the appearance of recipes containing 4 key ingredients. These 4 key ingredients tell us, “Hey you, get that bikini body in shape, cuz spring is here!” In fact, you could possibly refer to these 4 key ingredients as “the four horsemen of spring.” Almost every springtime recipe has one of the big four.

Fast Days Healing Days hears your curious little hearts! “What are the four key ingredients that signal spring has sprung?” you ask beseechingly.


In no particular order the four, princely ingredients signaling the arrival of spring are:





 Snap Peas





Best-selling author Jacqueline Whitehart, recipe developer and food writer is author of the blog 52 Recipes | Simple and Tasty Food for Your Diet

And Jacqueline Whitehart, best-selling author of three delicious and helpful cookbooks (that in our opinion are a must-have in your cookbook collection—especially if you follow an intermittent fasting lifestyle or 5:2 fasting plan, or if you watch your calories and want to maximize nutrition), has knocked spring right smack “out of the park” and onto your plate. (Pssst: Jacqueline’s latest book, The Complete 2-Day Fasting Diet is available in the UK now, and is scheduled for release in the US, May 6.)

Jacqueline came up with a Sugar Snap Pea, Mint and Barley Salad that you don’t have to be a vegetarian (or even having a Fast Day) to love. And we love it. She’s use 3 of the 4 (we call it the trifecta of flavor) key ingredients of spring and this salad radiates spring as a result.

In fact, her salad sings, “Spring!”

Sugar Snap Pea, Mint and Barley Salad is easy to prepare and comes together in about 10 minutes (if you discount the cooking time for barley). Mint, lemon, and sugar snap peas are an electric and exciting combination. They just play together like champs. Toss the big three together with onion and Italian or flat leaf parsley and a bit of extra virgin olive oil and…well, hold me. So good. You will find yourself craving this spring salad over and over again. And only 165 calories—score!

For those of you following a gluten-free diet, barley is not your friend—so don’t use it. But, you can sub quinoa or millet in place of the barley, with great success. For those of you following a low or controlled carb diet, keto diet, paleo or primal lifestyle and wish to remain grain-free it’s easy to sub in riced cauliflower to replace the barley. In fact, even zucchini noodles would be a beautiful combination with Jacqueline’s TLF (To Live For) salad ingredients. And for those of you who absolutely MUST have meat with your salad, try pairing this gorgeous spring salad with Brian Hall’s Shamalama Lamb Steak — you’ll get all 4 of the spring horsemen together in one meal.

Let springtime begin!

So don’t delay! Hop over to Jacqueline’s blog and grab the recipe for dinner tonite!

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