Weight Loss Stalls and Intermittent Fasting


ask-dr-varady-thumbnailWill weight loss during the Every Other Day Diet (EOD) reach a plateau after several months?


Yes, some people have experienced weight loss plateaus after 4-6 months of EOD dieting. This also occurs in people that are in the range of normal weight. If this is happening to you, I would recommend adding another fast day to your week (resulting in 3 fast days in a row), as well as another exercise session (45 min). This has helped most people break through the plateau. Hope this helps!



Notes: Another point to consider is that weight loss is seldom linear, in a straight line. If you graph weight loss, it will most often look like a jagged, spikey stair step; sometimes down and sometimes up. Don’t be dismayed. When viewed over time, you will see that despite the jagged ups and downs, the over-all trend line is down and decreasing–indicating steady weight loss. Sometimes our bodies need to take time to catch up with the loss. We often perceive being “stalled,” because the empty fat cells with be filled with water (because they like to be full) and our bodies like balance…but after a while, your body will get the message and release the water, causing a “whoosh” or a big loss of 2-4 pounds, seemingly overnight.

It’s also very important to take your measurements, first as a baseline when you begin intermittent fasting, then periodically (weekly or monthly). Often when you see no movement on the scale over a period of time, you will realize you’ve lost many inches. Tape measures and photos are your friend, because scales lie!

We will be writing more about breaking a weight loss stall, soon. Please be sure to check back with us!

How long was your longest stall?


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