The Battle Of The Binge

DocP of Fast Days Healing Days, brings us a life-changing e-book that addresses our bad-as* addictive behaviors that keep us in a constant “state-of-less.” Join DocP and Dr. Amy Johnson in the “battle of the binge,” as they explore  how to change unwanted behaviors once and for all and triumph over all manner of addictions, compulsions, and habits. Experience living a joy-filled life and change the way your brain processes binge urges.



Dr. Amy Johnson, psychologist and master certified life coach

Dr. Amy Johnson, PhD, psychologist and life coach graciously grants permission to share this groundbreaking work on binge behavior and change. Many of us fight addiction, compulsions and habits that prevent us from living a fulfilled life, or from realizing our deepest goals. Often the failure to change these compulsive habits leave us feeling an even greater sense of depression, self-hatred, defeat and even desperation. Dr. Johnson shares how to literally change the way your brain processes these overwhelming cognitions and helps people live a life filled with joyful experiences.

Do you have habits you’d like to change? Maybe you struggle with disordered eating patterns and bingeing? Practicing the exercises explained in this e-book can provide healing strategies for combatting many crippling addictions and behaviors. The e-book is based largely upon the work of Kathryn Hansen’s, Brain Over Binge: Why I Was Bulimic, Why Conventional Therapy Didn’t Work, and How I Recovered for Good. Hansen’s book is considered the primary resource for Dr. Johnson’s e-book, Fighting the Urge: Change Unwanted Behaviors Once and For All (available by clicking the book below).

Dr. Johnson is a master certified life coach, author, and recovering control-freak (in her own words) and is also a social psychologist and public speaker. She’s the author of Modern Enlightenment: Psychological, Spiritual, and Practical Ideas for a Better Life and the co-author of Changes of the Heart: Martha Beck Life Coaches Share Strategies for Facing Life Challenges. Dr. Amy appears regularly on The Steve Harvey Show and is often interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, and Read her regularly updated blog or learn more about engaging Dr. Johnson as your personal life coach, please visit her blog, Dr. Amy Johnson.



Fighting The Urge
by Dr. Amy Johnson
(Click On Book To Read e-book)

Author: DocP

DocP is an international lady of mystery and acclaimed psychologist to the psychologists in the San Francisco Bay Area, for over 25 years. Author of many published brainy articles, DocP did her undergrad in biochemistry and has an abiding passion for health and nutrition. DocP understands the important role neurobiology plays in health, happiness, wellness, and in conquering the obesity epidemic prevalent in our society. Nutrition-nerd at heart, DocP loves digging through the latest PubMed articles concerning nutrition and the alternate day fasting model of insulin and blood sugar control. Email DocP with questions, comments, and chit chat about the controlled calorie, intermittent fasting lifestyle.

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