Is Weight Fluctuation Normal?




Frances asks: “Is it normal to see 3.5lbs weight gain in a 24 hour period?”

It’s typical for a person’s weight to fluctuate by 2-5 pounds each day. These changes occur because of daily water retention and the weight of the food in your gut. For most accurate results, weigh yourself in the morning before eating or drinking anything. As long as you are seeing consistent weight loss week to week, there is no need to be worried.


Notes: Yes, we’re big on waking, then potty, then nekkid weighing first thing in the morning. Every day.

Dr. Varady discusses a study (will post that soon), that shows a correlation of greater weight loss/weight maintenance with daily weighing. We find, the lower glycemic we eat on UD (non-fast days), the smaller the weight bounce after an UD. But this diet (intermittent alternate day fasting aka EOD diet), as well as the 5:2 Fast Diet was never meant to include any form of calorie or macronutrient counting or deprivation on alternate, non-fast days.


Fast Days Healing Days is happy to answer generic questions about the EOD diet or alternate day fasting in the comments section of this post. To ask Dr. Varady a question regarding the EOD diet or this post, please visit her Facebook Fan Page and direct your questions to her. Be sure to visit Dr. Varady’s EOD Diet website.

Author: Susie T. Gibbs

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